CH BPISS Soundviews Breakin' The Bank


New CH Ringo finished his Championship at just 17 months old. He finished with Four Major wins and WD/BPIS/BPISS! We are SO proud of this boy! We lost this boy WAY to soon. Cancer is just as ugly in our pets as it is in humans. We miss this special boy and just weren't allowed enough time with him.

WD/BPISS for a 3 point major at the Cascade NW Bullmastiff Summer Specialty!

WD/BOW Cascade NW Bullmastiff Winter Specialty for a 5 point Major. Ringo also picked up WD/BOW at the all breed the same weekend for another Major win!

BPISS sweeps Cascade NW Bullmastiff Summer Specialty! One of the limited times you will find me in the ring is for Sweeps at the Bullmastiff Specialties, and sometimes I win!!

GCH Windovers Hey There Handsome

GCH CH Highpoint's Fifth Wheel Don't Blink

CH Tondra's Here's The Beef

CH Mikell Ranah's of Leathernek

CH Tondra's Northern Exposure

CH Highpoint's Taylor Made

CH Banstock Bruno of the North East

CH Doxsomethinwickedthiswaycomes

CH Newcastle's That Would Be Me

CH Tondra's Here's The Beef

CH Mikell Ranah's of Leathernek

CH Tondra's Northern Exposure

CH Blazin's Princess Borghese

CH Blazin's the Buck Starts Here

CH Blazin's Dream Lover

CH Banbury's Brahms Lunar Eclipse

Ladybug Shastid Brahminson

CH Blackslate's Boston Brahmin

CH Ladybug Korik Tribute to Rose

CH Breeze's Baja Luna

Shayla's Midnight Maverick

CH Banbury's Special Effects

CH Banbury's Quintessential Lyric CD CGN

Bastion's Music In The Glen

CH Bastion's Ruff Rider O'Water

Waters She's Bastion Babe

CH Banbury's Limited Edition

CH Banbury's Elijah Blue

CH Banbury's Mystic Force

Ringo was a singleton out of my first Bullmastiff Breeding. His mother Bella came to us from Paul and Lynne Rehsler, Banbury Bullmastiffs in Canada. Being a singleton he sure took all of the good genes!  At just 9 months old, Ringo has two majors, BPISS and BPIS wins! I am so excited to see where his show career takes us!