CH Soundviews Valiant Queen of Epoch

CH Soundviews Valiant Queen of Epoch "Lucy"

Aster Liberti Labro Hamburg "Barney"

Aster Liberti Labro Hamburg "Barney"

Puppies have arrived! 1/12/2018 4 chocolate males, 2 black males and 1 chocolate female

All puppies from this litter are spoken for. I intend to breed Hope for an all Chocolate litter this spring

About our Waiting List: We always breed first for ourselves and plan to keep one or two puppies for further evaluation for show/breeding. When a puppy is sold as a pet, we match puppies according to their temperament and other factors to their new owners' lifestyles and family makeup in a sincere attempt to achieve the most harmonious placement possible. Because of this, the fact that you may be "Number 4" on our list does not mean that you get the "Fourth Pick" puppy; nor does it guarantee that if you are first on our list that you will have your pick of anything available. If you have any questions about this process, please ask and we will be happy to explain it in more detail.